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DataKubes CX

Solutions Datakubes Customer Experience Enable a complete suite of tools for customer experience and create predictive applications for customer retention and experience growth Measure and improve experiences across your organization Deploy one easy to use analytic platform for measuring experiences across your entire organization Web visitors & users Add our simple code to your website …

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Data-science Development Platform

Solutions Data-science Development Platform Orchestrate all data science development process from data extraction to AI App development. Problem Data science is becoming an every day a must essential discipline in most organizations. Data is the new oil and data science is the way to mine this data and refine it to useful data in your …

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AI Supply Chain Optimization

Solutions AI Supply Chain Optimization Predict Supply Chain Risks using AI/ML Models and avoid delivery disruptions. Problem Supply Chain management is a demanding area in many organizations managing goods delivery and inventory distribution, with e-commerce been the demanding power of it, detecting delivery vulnerabilities before it impacts your organization is very important to reduce revenue …

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AI Inventory Optimization

Solutions AI Inventory Optimization Predict Inventory Stock Levels using AI/ML Models and increase your organization productivity. Problem Having the correct Inventory Level is crucial for any organization handling inventory. From purchasing on time, transportation delays, goods reception and warehouse overstock, are common problems in the inbound of inventory to warehouse. Extracting and mining inventory data …

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Customer AI Churn

Solutions Customer Churn Predict Customer Churn using AI/ML Models and leverage your customer experience. Problem Customer Churn is one of the most demanding prediction tool in the enterprise today, as more competition arises and predicting customer churn is important part of using AI/ML Models for predicting it. Extracting and mining customer data from legacy, social …

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